Winter Landscaping Tips: When it comes to the winter season, there are plenty of reasons to become nervous about the season itself if you’re someone who enjoys landscaping. Many plants begin to rest and their bright colors suddenly start to disappear thanks to the gray and white colors of the snow that has freshly fallen onto the ground. Furthermore, as a result of the cold weather that comes with the winter season itself, there really is nothing much that can be planted, which leads to the belief that there isn’t a lot of landscaping that can be completed.

In reality, however, there are all sorts of different things that can be done in order to achieve amazing landscaping during the winter season as long as careful planning is constantly followed through the spring, summer, and fall seasons, as well as following through with a few simple and easy accents during the winter season itself.

Here are four useful tips to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, take the time to place some adornments on your containers that you typically use during the summertime. For instance, hanging baskets, window boxes, and more are all great for wintertime landscaping, as you can plant miniature dwarf Alberta spruce and broadleaf evergreens in these. Keep in mind, however, that while these plants are great for the winter season, they will need to be watered during times in which in it dry outdoors.

*It’s also a great idea to consider investing in four-season perennials, such as hellebores, ornamental grasses, dianthus, and more, as these are great options for wintertime landscaping. Experts highly recommend, however, that you take the time to read the labels on the plants in order to determine whether or not the plant has foliage during this specific time of year, which will allow you to enjoy it all year round.

*Never forget all of your evergreens that you have on your lawn. These types of plants are especially beautiful during the winter season for all sorts of reasons, such as their color. Not only are they green, but evergreens can also be yellow, blue, and many other colors in between. Additionally, in terms of design, evergreens make perfect sense to utilize, as not only are they important for any kind of wintertime landscape, but they can also make amazing focal points during virtually any time of the year as well.

*If you have any hardscape on your lawn, it’s always a good idea to focus on this as well. This means placing some extra attention on an arbor, bench, trellis, and even a garden sculpture as a way to help with assessing your overall landscape in order to determine where some of the most important focal points may be missing. This is because your solution to enhancing the perfect winter landscape may not actually be focusing on any kind of a plant at all and instead focusing more on the hardscape features that you have on your lawn in order to help beautify things.


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