Winter Home Improvement Tips. Whenever the weather outdoors becomes far too cold and wet, chances are you will likely be tempted to get in front of your fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate to help you keep warm. Even though this sounds absolutely heavenly, there are quite a few indoor home improvement projects that can be completed while, at the same time, keeping warm. Many of these projects take only a few short minutes to complete, while others can take a few hours.

Here are three of the most important home improvement projects to consider tackling during the winter season.

Winter DIY Home Projects

*One of the most important projects to tackle during this time of year is to insulate all of your water pipes. This is a project that virtually any homeowner can accomplish. By adding insulation to your pipes, you will be working to save money by decreasing any heat loss that occurs in pipes that carry hot water. Additionally, you also won’t have to worry about waiting a long time for hot water whenever you turn on your faucet. Insulation can be achieved by wrapping the pipes in multiple layers of newspaper while holding everything together with duct tape. Alternatively, you could purchase pipe insulation that is made out of foam or other similar materials.

*Dye-testing your toilet is also another important project to consider completing, and also one that many people tend to never think about doing. This can ultimately help to determine whether or not your toilet is actually wasting water. To complete this task, put five drops of food coloring (color does not matter) in the tank of your toilet. From there, wait for a period of ten minutes and see if the color ends up coming into the bowl. If it does, this will serve as a sign that you are dealing with a leak. Oftentimes, the most common cause of this kind of leak is a defective flapper, which is designed to allow water to leave the tank whenever you flush your toilet.

Good Winter Projects

*Winter Home Improvement Tips. Another equally important task to complete is changing your furnace filter. Ideally, this is something that should always be done prior to the arrival of the weather conditions associated with the winter season. Generally, filters last for approximately three months whenever you use your furnace on a regular basis, meaning that you may need to change your filter more than once if the winter season ends up becoming long and brutal. To change your filter, all you need to know is both the size and type of filter that you’re replacing prior to spending money on a new one. Additionally, you will need to ensure that the new filter is facing in the same direction as the old one.