While spring is generally considered to be the best season in terms of purchasing homes due to many families wanting to move once their children are finished with school for the year, it actually pays more to list a home for sale during the winter season, as buyers will tend to have much more urgency during this time. If this is something that either you or someone you know is thinking of doing, here are two useful tips to help sell your home during the winter:

Establish the Right Price

Special pricing considerations always come with the winter season in terms of selling a home. For instance, you likely will not receive multiple offers as opposed to selling your home during the spring. Consider pricing low at first in order to have a better chance of the price increasing. You could even choose to list your home at market value as well.

Have Your Utilities Checked

Prior to selling your home, take the time to have the following utilities checked:




If any repairs need to be made, ensure that they are done. Additionally, you will also want to change your air filters, weather-strip your windows, and clean your gutters, as well as consider installing energy-efficient windows or insulating the attic.

Winter can be a great time to sell your home. If you need help selling your home during the winter, contact a WR Team Realty agent today!

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