Everyone in the US is feeling the summer heat right now. When temperatures are this high, it can be expensive to keep your house cool. Here are some ways to reduce the a/c bill without sacrificing a cool house.

Be Proactive

The best way to keep the heat outside is the go on defense. Don’t use appliances that produce a lot of heat like the dishwasher until the evening. Use the stove top instead of the oven. Cover your windows with blind and curtains. The less sun that reaches inside the less heat. Have a dehumidifier running. Humidity increases the intensity of heat. Don’t air condition unused rooms.

Your A/C is your friend

The air conditioning unit in your home is your saving grace during the summer months. Make sure it is receiving the maintenance it deserves. Seal and insulate all the air conditioner ducts. Shade the outside part of your a/c. This can increase its efficiency by 5-10 percent. Wipe dust off of it. Normal dust build up can reduce air flow by 1 percent per week.


Plant trees on the east and west sides of the house. These trees can provide much needed shade and help keep the home cool. Don’t plant them too close to the home though because the root systems can mess up the home’s foundation in the future. Plants inside the house can also help keep the home cool by absorbing UV rays coming in through the windows.

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