The real estate industry has embraced technology in recent years, from the invention of property search programs, to the creation of business websites for real estate professionals, to the building of software to aid in transaction management. One of the most useful technology tools in the current market is virtual reality. Virtual reality has opened the door to many different opportunities for brokers and also buyers and sellers. One of these opportunities is the use of 3D virtual touring for property exploration.

Virtual reality programming has revolutionized many industries, and real estate is one of the most recent. Using this technology to build a new programming option for property viewing has changed the way the real estate industry can approach both buying and selling. Home sellers can reach potential buyers on a completely different level by offering 3D virtual touring—interested parties who might have constraints (such as unavailability due to physical distance or unavailability during regular viewing periods) can still enter the market. But how does 3D virtual touring work; and what are some benefits of using it?

An extremely valuable marketing tool for real estate professionals and prospective property buyers, 3D virtual touring makes it easy for future homebuyers to conduct a “walkthrough” of a property even while geographically dislocated from the area. It differs from video tours—both recorded listing videos and real-time showings via streaming video platforms—focusing on interior features of properties and different viewing angles. This helps prospective homebuyers refine perceptions they hold just from written descriptions and photo slideshows (which often focus on the exteriors of homes, like yards and landscaping, walkways and driveways, decks and outbuildings, etc.) by offering a more realistic viewing experience that provides a sense of the space. 3D virtual touring functions as a convenient research tool for potential homebuyers, permitting them to preview multiple properties in an efficient way. It also lets them spend more time than physical visits allow to consider the pros and cons of each property and make more complete comparisons.

3D virtual touring is an excellent way for brokers to spotlight properties and showcase special features and qualities that those properties boast. It helps property sellers provide another perspective to potential buyers, who can get up close and personal with properties, exploring and assessing details that could impact them as residents. Adding 3D virtual touring to video tours or showings takes things to another level: by combining the benefits of detailed views provided by 3D virtual touring with personal commentary and demonstration of home features provided by a selling agent, this brokers’ tool increases property exposures and enhances the house hunting experience for everyone involved.

Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours – As technology becomes more integrated into the real estate industry, the market continues to become more robust. Virtual options offer opportunities for adding another layer of elucidation to the big picture during the house hunting process. 3D virtual tours are just one of the exciting tools that can benefit property brokers and property buyers and sellers alike and take them through the open door to the perfect real estate transaction.