Fort Worth Home Repair & Maintenance in 2021

With the summer season soon to be leaving and the fall season soon to be upon us, it will also soon be time to complete a few important tasks that will help make the season much more pleasant and prevent any and all unnecessary surprises from occurring throughout the season. Here are three of the most useful fall home maintenance tasks to consider completing prior to the fall season arriving.

Seal Air Leaks

Before the arrival of the fall season, make sure to seal all air leaks. Simply grab some of tubes of color-matched exterior caulk and around the entire exterior of your home. From there, begin sealing up any and all cracks between the siding and the trim around door and window frames, as well as where wires and pipes enter your home. Perhaps one of the most important and least expensive forms of fall maintenance tasks is preventing moisture from getting into your walls.

Inspect Your Roof

Another useful task to complete before the fall is to inspect your roof. This involves taking a look for any and all warning signs. This includes buckled shingles, missing, or cracked, as well as rust spots on flashing. In the event that you spot any shingles that are missing, loose, or damaged, be sure to replace them immediately. Additionally, masses of lichen and moss are both issues that can indicate roofing decayed underneath. This is where you need to contact a professional roofer to correct the issue. Another issue involves plumbing vents that can end up cracking and loosening as time goes on. These can also end up before your roof does. You will need to ensure that they are in good enough shape. This is also a situation where you will need to contact a professional roofer in order to properly correct the issue.

Remove Garden Hoses from Faucets

Prior the fall, remove your garden hoses from their outdoor faucets. This is because leaving these kinds of hoses attached can end up causing water to back up in the faucets themselves, as well as in the plumbing pipes that are located right inside your exterior walls. In the event that freezing temperatures hit, this could cause the water to freeze, expand, and crack the pipes or the faucet itself. This is a task that should be a priority so a sudden cold snap doesn’t cause serious damage. Turn off shutoff valves on your water supply lines that lead to exterior faucets. This is to guard against leaks that could allow water to enter the faucet. Also consider is to draining your garden hoses before then storing them in your garage or shed.

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