Grilling is an anticipated part of summer. Backyard barbecues are a great time to gather with friends and family and celebrate the season. Here are some tips to make sure you are the pro grill master you know you can be.

Choose your grill

There are different kinds of grills that cook food in different ways. Depending on what kind of cook you are looking for you need to choose based on your personal preferences. Deciding between gas and charcoal grills is a time honored tradition. There is no right answer but gas grills burn cleaner.


Like an oven, you have to give your grill time to heat up before throwing any food on the flames. Give the grill 15-20 minutes to preheat to your desired cooking temperature. This also give the grill a chance to be sanitized by the heat.

Brush off the grate

If you aren’t using a brand new grill (and most times you won’t be), then you have to clean the grate. It’s easier to clean when it’s been heated, so after preheating take a grill brush and run in up and down the grate to clean off old food residue.

Oil the grate

To prevent new foods from sticking to the grate rub an oil soaked paper towel up and down the lines of the grate. This helps to keep the grate from accumulating food. Never use a spray cooking oil. This can cause a grease fire.

Avoid flare-ups

A flare-up is when fat from the meat you are cooking drips on to the flames and catches fire. To avoid this choose lean meats or trim the fat off. As a safety precaution keep a squirt bottle with water by the grill for any flare-ups.

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