Springtown Realtors – With the summer season soon to be upon us, it is the best time to begin to take advantage of the great weather conditions in order to make sure that your home is in the best shape possible. When it comes to home maintenance, summer is considered to be a great time to perform tasks related to this, especially since the ground has gotten much drier due to the snow melting and the temperature outdoors is a lot more comfortable to get things done.

Here are three of the most useful summer home maintenance tasks to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful summer home maintenance tasks involves making sure that all of your air filters are both clean and free of clutter. When it comes to making sure that you have a proper amount of air flow throughout the entirety of your home, it’s absolutely essential to ensure that all of your air vents and returns are free and clear of any and all clutter. This means that you should make sure that your vents are not obstructed by items such as rugs, furniture, or draperies. Furthermore, when your HVAC unit is running, take the time to check each of your vents for air flow, and if you happen to notice that any of your vents aren’t blowing enough air, this is a sign that there may be a possible obstruction that needs to be cleared.

*Another useful summer home maintenance task involves turning off your home’s humidifier and instead using a dehumidifier. When it comes to newer HVAC units, these are often included with a built-in, flow-through humidifier. These are designed to add humidity back into your indoor air and are also often used during the winter season in order to help reduce static electricity, as well as prevent dry air from negatively affecting your sinuses and causing cracked or chapped lips. On the other hand, leaving something like this operating during the summer season can end up causing your central air conditioner to end up working much harder, which can result in additional wear and tear on the unit itself, thereby resulting in increased energy bills.

*One other useful summer home maintenance task involves closing your windows, shutting your blinds, and opening all of your interior doors. Many modern homes often talk highly about features such as large picture windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Despite the fact that these features allow for plenty of natural light, they can also cause your home to feel essentially like an oven. Thankfully, leaving all of your interior doors open can help alleviate this by improving overall air circulation. Furthermore, during the summer, you will also want to ensure that all of your blinds and draperies are closed during the daytime in order to prevent the sun from warming any and all interior surfaces. Additionally, you will also want to avoid opening windows on days that are humid, as this will prevent excess amounts of moisture from building up inside your home.

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