There are many people who often tend to get ideas about what it’s really like to live on an acreage that’s located outside the city limits. However, there are a few realities that could end up costing you rather largely after closing on a land sale.

Here are three tips to make note of when it comes to purchasing land in order to build a new home:


Even though you won’t have to worry about dealing with all sorts of exhaust fumes as a result of buses, you likely will end up having to deal with odors associated with various types of farm animals. Additionally, you will also have to deal with the sounds of those same animals on a pretty regular basis, especially since they can travel for some miles.


As opposed to having access to all sorts of important utilities while living in a city, the same can’t always be said for living outside the city limits. For instance, you may need to consider installing a propane tank in order to heat your home, digging a well to get access to water, and figuring out a way to get electricity and telephone service in your home, despite the fact that this can be rather costly in the long run.


Most times, it’s fairly common to complete a land transaction using cash. However, it will be a good idea to obtain an appraisal in order to determine the right price before you make an offer. This is something that should only be done if you are not planning on financing the land, which would require a lender appraisal.

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