So you are thinking about buying your first home, congratulations! But you aren’t sure about what to expect along the way. Below we’ve have outlined the mortgage process from start to finish. Of course, if you would like more detail about the homebuying process, contact one of our realtors today!


The first step for buying a home is qualifying to buy a home. Not everyone can buy a home and it isn’t something you should take lightly. You will need:

-Downpayment- This is the sum of money that will you will put down to secure the home. Usually between 5-20% of the home’s total purchase value.

-Income Verification

Credit History

-Asset Documentation

-Impartial third-party appraisal

-Stable income

-Good credit score

Speak with a lender

They will help you review your income, expenses and financial goals to determine the the type of mortgage and the mortgage amount you qualify for.

Apply and Get Pre-Approval

A pre-approval letter is a letter that provides an estimate of what you might be able to borrow (provided your financial status doesn’t change) and demonstrates to home sellers that you are a serious buyer.

Contact a Professional

Next you should reach out to a professional realtor to help you find your dream home, and tell you which ones to avoid. They will also help you with a spending plan and can let you know how much you can afford. Keep in mind that just because you can afford something, doesn’t mean to need to buy the biggest house you can get.

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