Pet Proofing Your Home. If you are lucky enough to live in a rural community, you have the unique opportunity to own and care for your beloved furry four-legged friends. However, being surrounded by acres of land can make it more difficult to pet-proof your home. Here are some of the best ways to pet-proof your house in a rural area to keep your four-legged friends safe and comfortable.


Protect Your Furniture


*Secure all of your boundaries. A fence is the best way to create a barrier between your house and the outside world. Make sure it is tall and strong enough to prevent pets from wandering outside. If your home doesn’t have a fence, consider installing one. If that isn’t an option, make sure to put your pet inside a secure pen or run whenever they’re outside or in the yard.


*Check your home for easy entry points. Look around your house and inspect every door and window for potential weaknesses that a pet can slip through. Invest in and install pet-proof doors and windows to keep your pets inside and keep unwanted visitors out.


*Create a safe and happy space for your pet. Escaping is often a result of boredom or stress. Make sure to keep your pet entertained and comfortable, providing plenty of toys and other items in your house specifically for them.


*Secure all of your utilities. Make sure that your furnace, electrical and duct work are all secure and out of reach of prying noses and paws. Check regularly for any edges or open areas that a pet could potentially bite or chew on and make repairs immediately if needed.


Outdoor Pens


*Use any natural deterrents that are available to you. If there are no physical barriers between your pet and the outdoors, such as fences or walls, consider using natural deterrents like strong-smelling plants, such as lavender or mint. These can help keep your pet away from the boundaries of your home, in addition to looking great in your garden.


Pet Proofing Your Home. By following these simple tips and taking the time to pet-proof your home in a rural community, you can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your four-legged friends. The extra effort will be worth it when your pet can playful roam in a secure and happy space.

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