Lighting Installation Fort Worth, TX. When it comes to a room in your home, this is a space that is designed to serve multiple purposes. You can take the time to rest, complete important work, enjoy some arts and crafts, cook delicious food, and so much more. Activities like these are exactly why lighting fixtures will need to correspond to the overall setting of the room. According to Patricia Rizzo of the Lighting Research Center:

“The best advice I can offer is the following: no matter what you do, or what you hope to accomplish, always install three types of lighting in a room.”

Patricia Rizzo

Lighting Research Center

This is because oftentimes, many people expect only a single source of light to meet all of their needs; however, lighting types such as ambient, task, and accent all have specific functions to fulfill certain needs.


Accent lighting is a type of lighting that is generally used to focus on one specific point of interest or to help with achieving a desired effect. Accent lights are designed to help make a room appear much larger than it actually is, and it’s also frequently used to highlight the following: Architectural features, Plants, Sculptures and Collection of objects.

Some of the most common types of fixtures that provide accent lighting include the following:


*Track light

*Slim line bar and under cabinet

*Tape and extrusion

*Directional recessed fixture or downlight

*Wall-mounted fixtures



In terms of task lighting, this is designed to illuminate all of the different tasks that someone performs in any given space. For a smaller focal point of the room for tasks such as cooking and reading, a brighter light will be required. Furthermore, in order to obtain a more pleasant amount of illumination, it’s always a good idea to consider avoiding harsher lighting that ends up creating all kinds of annoying shadows, as well as taking the time to install a single switch solely for focal lighting, which will be completely independent from the primary lighting switch that is used for the room.







Three Types of Lighting Installation. Smart lighting is another interesting type of lighting to consider installing as well. These are lights that are designed to connect via your WiFi network and allow you to completely control how bright your rooms are. However, it’s worth noting that there are some smart lights that don’t automatically connect to WiFi, meaning that they will come equipped with a hub that can be connected to your router. Installation is extremely easy as well – simply screw a smart bulb into any light fixture, making sure it’s in an area of your home that receives a good WiFi signal, and connect it to power. From there, use your preferred mobile device to download the appropriate companion app for your smart light bulb, which you will need to access in order to begin setting everything up. Keep in mind that each app is different, so the directions and number of steps will likely differ.