Choosing a lot of land is the first exciting step in building your dream home. Many people have the perfect idea of their dream North Texas country home and know exactly what they want it to look like, but the piece of land you choose to build that home on can make a big difference. With all the land for sale in rural Fort Worth, it can be difficult to know which one will be perfect for your vision. Here at Weichert Realtors, Team Realty, we have lots of experience in selling lots in the rural Fort Worth/Dallas area for country homes. Here is our advice on how to make sure that the lot you choose is right for you.

Think twice about cul-de-sacs.

Many people love the idea of living in a cul-de-sacs. Cul-de-sacs are often great areas to raise kids, as they feel like mini neighborhoods within themselves and usually create a tight-knit community. Lots in cul-de-sacs often look  The circle area in front of the house is also often a safe space to play. There are also upsides for people without kids too, such as fewer traffic and an easier time getting in and out. However, there are a few secrets about getting land in a cul-de-sac that realtors know about.

The thing about lots that are on cul-de-sacs is that they often have irregular shapes. Because this lot is irregularly shaped, some part of it might be larger than others, and contractors will charge you more per square foot. This sounds reasonable, but what they don’t tell you is where exactly they’ll build your house on the land. Even though your house may be built in the center, the irregular pieces of land that are larger are too strangely shaped for them to be useful. Having a larger backyard might be a plus, but depending on the land, it might not feel like you have a larger backyard. You might instead find yourself feeling like you got charged extra for a patch of grass you never step on.

But of course, each lot is unique, and so is each cul-de-sac. Ask your realtor about what a contractor might do with your land, and be very open and honest with your contractor about exactly what you want and where you want your house built on the land.

Avoid steep slopes.

Sometimes steep slopes on a lot can feel adventurous and scenic. Many people who don’t have pets or kids and don’t care for a backyard might be thinking they’re getting a cheaper price for a hard-to-use backyard and take the deal. However, building on a slope is much more difficult than building on flatter land. However, this doesn’t mean that building on a slope is impossible. The best contractors know how to build on any type of land for sale in rural Fort Worth, or any rural area for that matter. But unfortunately slopes mean terraced landscaping, and as you might guess, terraced is more expensive.

Figure out what was on your lot before you.

There are many reasons why you may want to know what was on your lot before hand. Some people would prefer not to build their lots on grounds that used to be used for church, school, burials, or otherwise. But a realtor’s main concern with re-used lots are places where there used to be businesses that may have messed with the ground somehow.

If there’s any reason why you may not want to build a lot on land that was used for something else, ask your realtor and do some research. However, the beauty of rural land is that it usually didn’t belong to anyone else before. The beauty of the country life is that once you buy land, it tends to stay in the family forever. For the most part, this isn’t something you have to be concerned about if you’re truly going rural, but if you’re looking in an area that already seems pretty populated, it’s good to keep an eye out for any information about it.

Consider whether you want a view.

Some people love the idea of having a house with a view. Rural areas are often known for beautiful landscapes and sunsets. If you’re interested in having a room with a view, make sure your lot allows for it. Visit the lot in person and see which angles give you a view. Then, tell your contractors and realtor what view you want a certain room to be looking at.

If there’s an open lot behind, in front of you, or anywhere in front of a view, you might want to consider choosing a different area. You never know when someone will build a 2 story home on the lot behind you and obstruct your dream view.

Look at the space around the lot.

Looking at the lots around you to make sure there isn’t potential for a future home to obstruct your view is one of the reasons to look at what’s near your lot. But there are also some other things you’ll want to look out for, such as busy roads. If your lot is right by a busy road, the noise of cars and trucks might bother you, and it might take awhile and be difficult for you to leave your house and come back.

Depending on your situation, you’ll also want to look beyond just what’s a few feet near your lot. If you like going out to eat, you’ll want to see what restaurants are near you. If you have kids, make sure the school district the lot is in is a good fit for them. Also check for things such as nearby airports, train stations, hospitals, emergency centers, grocery stores, and gas stations. Of course, some of the beauty of the country life is being in a peaceful area where these things are far away from you, but you’ll also want to know what your best options are in the case of an emergency. Looking at these factors ahead of time is a great way for choosing where to build your home.

At the end of the day, everyone can warn you or advise you about certain types of lots all they want, but you’ll still have your perfect vision. If your dream country home is on a cul-de-sac or steep slope, don’t let warnings stop you– just know what you’re getting into. Some realtors say whatever it takes to sell, but we at Team Realty understand the importance of choosing an important place to live your best life. If you know you’ve found the perfect lot, but it has some downsides, don’t be afraid to be honest with your realtor, contractors, landscapers, or anyone else who may help you in the process. Professionals with experience who are genuine about helping others find a great place to live can help you weigh out the pros and cons.

Whether you’re looking for a clean lot to build your dream home on, or you want to find one that’s already built, Team Realty can help you. If you’re looking for a country home in the North Texas area, contact us here today.