Houses for sale with big yards- When it comes to gardening, it’s never a bad idea to share this passion with others, especially when it comes to celebrating the new year now that 2021 is officially upon us. This is something that will help to inspire new gardeners, as well as learn brand new tips from professionals and have all sorts of fun at the same time.

Here are five of the most useful New Year’s resolutions for gardeners to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, consider volunteering at a local community garden in your area. Even if you only do so for a few hours, spending time in a community garden will help to provide nutritionally rich produce for those individuals who are currently living in neighborhoods that are low-income. Essentially, community gardens can help to beautify lots that are otherwise vacant, as well as offer a sense of pride that helps to benefit whole communities.

*Another option to consider is to plant at least one flower that the bees will be able to enjoy. Due to the fact that their numbers are continuing to drop rapidly thanks in large part to parasites, pesticides, climate change, and other various factors, this is a step that is considered to be rather important. Some of the most popular bee-friendly plants include salvia, bee balm, cosmos, allium, and so many more. Furthermore, bees also enjoy various types of herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, lavender, and more. You should also, if possible, provide plants that are able to bloom in the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

*One other option to consider is to leave all grass clippings on your lawn rather than placing them in a landfill. Leaves will always help to improve soil and provide phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen as they begin to deteriorate. Take a moment to consider exactly how much time you’ll save in the long run by doing away with other separate tasks such as raking and bagging leaves, and if you also have extra amounts of leaves on your lawn or garden, consider adding some of them to your compost pile.

*It’s also a good idea to think about adding at least one native type of plant to your garden. Whether they are trees, flowers, or shrubs, they can be adapted to your specific climate and soil. Additionally, they are also easy to grow without having to use fertilizer or pesticides, and they also don’t need as much supplemental water. Furthermore, native plants can also offer a useful habitat for insects and birds that have co-evolved in the exact same area as well.

*Another useful option to consider is to create your very own compost bin. Generally defined, compost is a substance rich in nutrients that is designed to enrich the soil by replacing nutrients that have otherwise been lost. Furthermore, compost can also help to reduce the overall need to use toxic chemicals, as well as help to control erosion, offer a healthy habitat for earthworms, and prevent waste from having to be placed into landfills.

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