Garden Food Bank Weatherford. A brand new project at a new outreach is designed to help the Tarrant County Food Bank’s mission to not only feed the hungry, but also teach everyone to eat better as well.

Michael Polydoroff, the marketing director of the food bank, stated last week that a community garden that will soon be starting at the food bank will be a way to grow “the food bank of the future.”

The Mission Garden, as the garden will be referred to, is being seen as a form of missing ingredient in the food bank’s warehouse-market-community kitchen recipe. Eggplant, artichokes, and herbs are already sprouting in this garden.

Julie Butner, the CEO and President of the Tarrant Area Food Bank, had the following to say in regards to this new project:

“We have a garden in Fort Worth at the administration building, and also a garden on the West Side. Hopefully, we’ll get one out here as well. And it made sense to have a community garden in the rural area where people have land.”

Immediately situated in front of the Parker County campus, the garden features a total of 16 stone-raised beds above a lower tier, as well as a composting area to the side.

When harvesting officially begins, residents who live in the seven counties located west of the six-county Tarrant headquarters will be able to learn more about what can be done with everything from the garden.

Garden Food Bank Weatherford. A grand opening for the Mission Garden will be held on April 14 from 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM, where United States Rep. Roger Williams will be in attendance. Members of the public will be invited to attend this free event.