Do you have a Dallas country home? Something that really helps to achieve that rustic, rural look is having real vintage furniture. There are many great vintage and antique shops all over Texas to buy the highest quality pieces. But if you’re not looking to spend big bucks at a fancy store, you can get the same effect and quality from local thrift stores if you know what furniture pieces to get. Here are our three recommendations.

A dresser, but as a decorative piece

Do you have a big hallway or living room? A dresser in it can provide both extra storage, and can also be good for decoration. Plus, with dressers, you can easily make them fit in with your home. Dressers are easy to spray paint, or if you have the time, you can paint it by hand, also. Even if your thrifted dresser isn’t perfect, you can paint it, cover it with a nice cloth, and do an assortment of things to make it come close.

A wine rack

Having a wine rack quickly makes any home look classy instantly, no matter what color or texture. Having many nice bottles around to keep can also give your home that rustic feel. Usually, it’s hard to find a wine rack with any color that stands out too much. So it’s likely that your thrifted wine rack will fit in without a lot of remodeling.

A mirror

Thrift stores sell great, unique mirrors. Whether you’d like a big mirror for a statement piece, or just a small one to put by a door, any good thrift store would have you covered. You can keep whatever unique frame came with the mirror, or you can make your own frame or redecorate it.

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