While it can oftentimes be easy to come up with ways in order to maximize space in small-sized yards, many homeowners often find it a challenge trying to come up with easy landscaping tips for large yards. Simply looking at a large area that has zero landscaping, as well as landscaping that may need to be replaced in some fashion, can end up making you feel pretty overwhelming, and it can also turn into quite the frustrating home improvement project as well.

Here are three great and easy maintenance landscaping tips for large-sized yards that you can always consider for your own yard.

  • Perhaps one of the easiest options to consider is to cover the entire area with either bark, gravel, or wood chips. Coincidentally, this is also the option that, in many cases, will also cost the lowest amount of money to accomplish. Regardless of which material you decide to go with, it will offer an easy way to cover a large portion of ground while, at the same time, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your yard. Furthermore, you can also create outdoor living areas that can be entirely functional by adding patio furniture, picnic tables, and more.


  • Another easy maintenance option to consider is the installation of an artificial lawn. This is especially great for those who may enjoy the idea of a huge lawn that takes up the entire yard, yet they aren’t so much in love with the idea of having to be too concerned with all of the various maintenance tasks that are involved with taking care of it. An artificial lawn is an easy and quick way to cover a large-sized area with a feature that is extremely low-maintenance while, at the same time, not having to worry about mowing, watering, or any other type of maintenance that would normally have to be done with any other lawn. Additionally, these types of lawns are also able to withstand heavy amounts of traffic as well, meaning that you can entertain outdoors, turn it into a play area, and even more as much as you wish without having to worry about causing any damage to it.


  • One other easy type of maintenance option for a large yard would be to consider installing multiple patios and decks as a way to help cover the area, as this can also help to enhance visual appeal. In the event that you may already be considering this idea and may also be thinking of using different materials in order to make things look more interesting, it’s highly recommended that you obtain the services of a professional landscape designer in order to ensure that you are able to achieve the end result that you truly want. This is because while using different materials for this kind of project can always result in a unique look, taking this type of route without exercising careful thought first can result in the final product turning out to be more of a disaster than a masterpiece.

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