Are your family photos causing clutter, tackiness, or sitting in a box somewhere? These simple ideas can help organize your family photos in a stylish way to bring personalization to your home decor.

1. Use a sleek shelf to stack multiple photos.

If you have multiple pages of family photos and not enough room for all of them, protect them in a simple cardboard or paper frame. Then, lay them upright on a shelf so that they’re somewhat on top of each other, leaning against a wall. This makes for a sleek, and extremely easy family collage. You can also routinely move the photos around for different birthdays or occasions to have certain people up front.

2. Display family photos that are aesthetically vintage-looking in old bottles.

Do you have photos taken with fancy old cameras from the 1950s and earlier, or simply just photos that appear to be vintage? These can be stored in beautiful vintage bottles. The bottles can then be used as decoration on a mantel, as a centerpiece on a table, or even just on a shelf. The bottle will add to the vintage feel the photo already has, and accent how amazing it is that your family history goes so far back.

3. Do you have particularly new or temporary photos? Use clothespins.

For high school kids or people who just love to have a constant revolving theme, there’s a simple way to be able to quickly replace and remove photos. Try using clothes pins to attach photos to a wire. Furthermore, this “wire” can be any material based on the style of the room. String LED lights, different colored ribbon, yarn, or even a sturdier variation with a metal rod (and a stronger clip!) can make this particular style adaptable to any space.

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