When it comes to outdoor patio spaces, especially those that are older and a bit outdated, there are a few great ways that you can decorate the area in order to spruce things up a bit.

Here are three of those methods to make note of:

*Consider reusing old flower pots and transforming them into something amazing and beautiful. For instance, you could fill up a pot with not only dirt, but also different types of stones, green plants, and a small birdhouse to make a mock living area. For an extra amount of beauty, consider adding fake butterflies to the scenery.

*Tables are things that are almost always required for a patio space of any size. For smaller areas, however, you could consider investing in a table that can also convert into a small fire pit. This will enable you and your guests to enjoy all of the beauty that summer evenings have to offer, even with a smaller amount of space that you may have.

*While this may not have crossed your mind as an option, you could also consider hand-painting the floor of your patio as well. For instance, have two separate tones painted onto the surface, which can help to separate areas that are designed for lounging and eating.

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