Chances are that if you or any member of your family grew up anywhere in the state of Texas, this likely took place in some type of rural community. Oftentimes, people dream about living a more simple life of buying land in Texas that doesn’t involve having to deal with factors such as the city or a homeowners association telling you what you can and can’t do with your own home and/or property. However, in the event that you may be considering purchasing any rural land anywhere in the state, there are a few different things that you will need to consider making note of.

Here are three useful tips to think about when it comes to buying land in Texas.

  • First and foremost, it’s important to ensure that your contract explicitly states what is and isn’t included as part of the purchase price of the land. For instance, if the purchase includes factors such as hunting blinds, feeders, troughs, etc., it’s important to make sure that your contract clearly states this information. If someone will be selling land, the same situation is equally as important in terms of what specific factors will be excluded as part of the purchase price of the land. No matter what, you will always need to be clear on what is and isn’t included as part of the contract for your purchase.


  • When it comes to purchasing rural land, it is typical that these types of properties will include leases related to farm, grass, and hunting. Despite this, it is rarely recommended that a buyer should ever assume someone else’s lease. Instead, when purchasing a property, the best solution is to ensure that all prior leases are terminated before the closing takes place. While continuing a lease with the same individual once the closing concludes is always an option, this is something that a buyer can always sign up on with their own terms once the closing has taken place.


  • Utilities should also be considered as well, as it’s important to keep in mind not only where your power is coming from, but also who the provider of that power is as well. Furthermore, in the event that you require an easement from a neighbor in order to run power to a property that you will be purchasing, you will need to make sure that you obtain that easement prior to purchasing the property itself. In terms of water, while there are some rural properties who have access to public water, there are others who don’t. If yours doesn’t, you will need to determine how deep the wells in the area are. In terms of both internet and television, you will generally end up relying on satellite for both, and as far as telephone service, chances are you may end up requiring a landline; however, nowadays, most properties will not require one. When it comes to costs for septic services, this is something that you will need to contact your specific county of residence in order to obtain more information for.


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