Before you know it, summer vacation will soon be over and it will be time for your kids to start a brand new school year. This is also when you will want to begin thinking about organizing various areas of your home to help prepare for this as well. Most parents tend to focus on bedrooms and play areas; however, it’s always important to focus on the entire home when organizing for back-to-school season.

Here are five ways that you can organize your home to help prepare for back-to-school season.

Don’t Forget a Room

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for Back-to-School

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to remember is that every room in your home can be organized for back-to-school season. Keep in mind that your family always goes through so many different routines throughout the school day, so take the time to ensure that every room is free of clutter that builds up during the summer and is prepared for the fall. Determine what your family’s lifestyle and school schedule will be in order to figure out which specific areas of your home should be taken care of first.

Start Small

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for Back-to-School

No matter what, always start your organization work off small rather than attempting to go big. For instance, begin by decluttering areas such as desks by removing artwork and crafts completed the previous year, as this will help to make room for what will end up being completed during the new year. Additionally, you will also need to decide exactly how you will want to showcase the work that your children complete. You may want to frame and display some pieces, while you may want to photograph and/or scan others so that they can be electronically stored as a way to help scale down on clutter.

Do the Closets

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for Back-to-School

Closets are another key area of your home that you will always want to keep organized, especially when it comes to your children. First and foremost, get rid of any old clothes, whether they may be too small, too old, or simply out of season. The clothing items can be given to any younger siblings or even donated to your local thrift store for other members of your community to make use of.

Clean the Laundry Room

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for Back-to-School

Another important area of your home that should be organized as much as possible is your laundry room. This is because this area always tends to see its own share of grime and dirt, especially when it comes to school-aged children. Consider the idea of utilizing individual clothes hampers for each family member as a way to help keep clothes separated, as well as establishing a laundry schedule for your family as a way to help cut down on traffic in the space itself. In terms of laundry detergents, these can be easily organized via the use of various types of shelving and cabinets, and of course, you should always encourage the older members of your family to assist with sorting and folding clothes.

Make the Living Room for Everyone

5 Ways to Organize Your Home for Back-to-School

Nearly every single home with children ends up being one that ends up getting cluttered with all sorts of school supplies and other items in nearly every space of the home. When it comes to your living room and family room, these should always be designated as neutral territories where your family can always gather together without having to worry about encountering these types of messes. Take the time to create organizational spaces for items such as books, magazines, video games, movies, and more in order to allow your family to be able to spend time together whenever you want to.

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