Starting a family is a great milestone in someone’s life. One of the first big steps to starting a family is to decide where to start it. Here at Weichert Realtors, Team Realty, we specialize in selling North Texas country homes. While we may seem a little biased, the housing market for the rural suburbs of Dallas, TX has been booming, and we know several different areas that are great to choose from that have many different houses as well as plots of land available. At Team Realty we are passionate about helping people have great qualities of life by giving them the best home possible.

If you’ve already decided on Dallas, know you want to live in a suburb but aren’t sure where, or have no idea where to go at all, allow us to convince you of suburbs around the Dallas area!

According to the 2018 U.S. Census, the average family is two adults and one child. With that information in mind, here are our top 5 reasons as to why you should start a family in the rural suburbs of Dallas, TX.

Lower cost of living

Generally, it is more cheaper to live in a suburb of an area than in the city. Furthermore, it also tends to be cheaper to live in an area that’s rural. Living in a suburb of a bigger city is a great option because you can be close enough to travel into it and enjoy whatever entertainment or anything else the city may have to offer, but not have to pay so much to live in it.

In cities, there is often less space to build new living spaces and many people opt for apartments. Even in cases where someone isn’t living in an apartment, everyday amenities such as a washer and dryer still have to be separate in order to save space. In a house in the suburbs, there is plenty of space to fill the house up with as many family members or pets as you want.

Even if you didn’t care for too much space, no matter how big or small your suburb home is, we can guarantee that you’ll be getting more house for your money than you would in the city. Because of this, you’ll also likely have more room for amenities and won’t have to travel to get chores done. In the suburbs, you can do nearly everything from the comfort of your own home. Suburb homes are built to last, and be as functional as possible for multiple people.

The Dallas job market

For many people, there are still aspects of the city life that are appealing that they would like to enjoy without having to live in it. One of these aspects is the job opportunities. For Dallas specifically, there are many jobs available in different fields.

A big reason why there are so many jobs available in Dallas is because many corporations have chosen to place their headquarters there. Companies such as American Airlines, Exxon Mobil, AT&T, and many more have all contributed to the fact that Dallas is the third in the nation for having the highest salaries. Many people live in the suburbs and commute to the city to work. Even if commuting doesn’t sound ideal to you, there are many corporate and freelance jobs that allow you to work remotely from your own home. And of course, the suburbs are still communities themselves and also need their own doctors, teachers, store owners, and many more. Dallas is an ideal place to work because it not only guarantees the job market, but high salaries within that market.

Access to great schools

In the city, schools are often overcrowded, making it harder for students to be given adequate attention and taught well by teachers. Suburban schools tend to have more resources such as updated textbooks and more (and better) extracurricular activities. As with lower cost of living, having better schools in the suburbs versus the city tends to be a fact in every area in the US.

As far as the Dallas area is concerned, the Frisco and Plano Independent School Districts both have A+ ratings according to Niche. Frisco and Plano are both popular suburb districts along the outskirts of the city. Meanwhile, the Dallas Independent School District has a lower rating of a B. Dallas ISD oversees most of the schools within the city of Dallas.

One popular reason why some parents may prefer to send their children to a school in the city is because of the diversity that is often present in the city. However, in the case of Dallas, a quick look at the Niche ratings might change this. Plano and Frisco both have As in diversity while Dallas has a B minus. Dallas ISD also has a dangerously low health and safety rating. While this isn’t the case for every area, for Dallas specifically, raising your child in an area where they can attend a school district in the suburbs might be a better bet for their future.

Close knit neighborhoods

In the city, things change very often, including the people that live around you. This is much less true for the suburbs and thus helps to create great relationships and both for adults and children alike. As far as children are concerned, this can be especially great since kids will most likely attend schools with the same people growing up. In the suburbs, children have more opportunities to safely play outside with others and get more physical activity in the sun. In the city, it may be harder to leave your child alone to play.

Since people in the suburbs tend to stick around for years at a time, neighbors also tend to be friendlier and look to have some sort of relationship with you. Community is very important to people living in the suburbs. In cities, there is much more anonymity granted to the everyday person, and while this can be convenient for some, it can also easily be harmful. In areas with smaller, tightly-knit communities, people know each other and feel obligated to look out for each other. Everyone rallying around for the greater good is the spirit of the suburbs.

If you’re looking for a home in the rural suburbs of Dallas, TX, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Weichert Realtors, Team Realty, we specialize in selling homes in the North Texas area. If there’s another Texas area you’re thinking about finding or building your new home in, contact us or look at our list of cities and areas served here.