One of the greatest ways to get your home into the holiday spirit this season is to not only put up holiday decorations, but to make some of your own! Here are 5 decorations you can make and display in your house this winter.

Child making holiday decorations

1. Personalize your doorway this season by making your own wreath.

This year, instead of buying a completed wreath at the store, try buying a plain, simple wreath. Then, add decorations to it, like flowers, ornaments, or fake snow. If you have kids, their favorite toys can go on a wreath. You can also make one entirely from scratch with materials like felt, ribbon, and more. When it comes to wreaths, as long as it appears to be in the shape of a circle, it’s just as festive as other holiday decorations.

2. Add your own spin to holiday decorations you already have and make your own ornaments.

If you plan on having a Christmas tree in your house this year, shake up the theme by adding some DIY ornaments in addition to your pre-decorated ones for a splash of personalization. You can buy clear ornaments from your local craft store and simply fill it with any material you like– such as paint, a family photo, or even just glitter. This simple decoration goes a long way in making your tree feel more customized to you and your home.

3. Create an advent calendar that works for you.

Advent calendars are a fun and motivational way to count down to the holidays. If you can’t find one that’s decorated to your preference or doesn’t reveal any items that you like, you can easily make one yourself and include, or exclude, whatever you want. There are no rules you have to follow when making an advent calendar, so the sky’s the limit!

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